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ISSUE 3.2:
Halah Mohammed

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Ice Queen Interviews Halah Mohammed


Mommy & Me's Salmon Croquettes

Halah Mohammed and Velda Simone's recipe for Salmon Croquettes

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Halah Mohammed

One Poem

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Halah Mohammed is a Black and queer writer, advisor and instructional designer. They were born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. Halah’s mother introduced them to poetry through her collection of books and CDs by writers and performers such as Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker, Lauryn Hill, India.Arie, Amel Larrieux and so many more. Inspired by those writers, Halah went on to write poetry and compete in district-wide poetry slams and perform at school events. While earning their BA in English Literature at Carleton College, Halah founded and co-led the Carleton Slam Poetry Collective, which participated in the Collegiate Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) at CU Boulder. In their senior year at Carleton, Halah was the only student awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. With their Watson Fellowship, they traveled to 7 countries exploring the power of storytelling through spoken word. 

While working in Denver for K-12 and higher education as an instructor, instructional designer, and academic advisor, Halah founded Denver Reflections. They published their creative writing there as well as on other writing and art platforms including the Intersections Zine and the Leon Art Gallery website. In 2023, Halah earned an MS in Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning at Boise State University. They use it to creatively and strategically help people and organizations transform their workplaces and workplace systems. Their forthcoming team-based white paper on design principles within a useful evaluation of a training module is one example of how they balance creativity, writing, and their love for learning. These days you can find Halah writing Denver Reflections, knitting for VDK, and consulting and advising through HIDL and Go Ask Halah. When Halah is not working, they are napping, cooking, traveling, volunteering, and playing DnD.

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