Our submissions are a community-based nomination process, because we only have 12 writers a year to feature. 

In this way, the community gets a say in who gets featured in Ice Queen and, because it's a community solicitation, writers out there get to know that people see all of their hard work and that they are appreciated!

What is Ice Queen Looking For?

Ice Queen is a monthly rpg journal that spotlights one artist.


With work mentioning or about food, contributors provide either:

  • a single short story or essay

  • 1-3 flash collection

  • 1-4 poems

Contributors will also:​

  • Provide one favorite/family recipe.

  • Have an interview with Ice Queen about food and writing as a pixelated version of themselves!

Does Ice Queen Pay?

Ice Queen is currently able to pay each contributor a $50 payment, but aims for a much higher pay in the future!

To see how you can help this growth, visit the Support page. You can also become a Subscriber to help Ice Queen reach her goal of becoming one of the most generously paid magazines out.