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Supporting Ice Queen Magazine Artists

I believe in supporting artists, and especially artists who have to navigate the many impacts of systemic oppression just to be heard. My vision for Ice Queen has always been to create a unique and hopefully healing experience that can advance literary equity and antiracism from my corner of the internet. Part of that means paying featured artists well.


My goal is to make Ice Queen one of the most generous online paid publications for artists at all stages of their careers. By spotlighting just one artist each month, I will be able to offer a higher level of compensation. Right now, guest artists will receive $50 for their participation as this is all I can afford on my own, but my aim is much higher – with your help, we can pay $500 for every artist published by Ice Queen in its second year of publication, and hopefully even more after that!


Here are some ways you can support Ice Queen:



$5Buy me a coffee: Ice Queen is just me right now, and as someone who deals with a chronic health condition, it can be tough getting going some days. If you like what you see here and want to give me a boost, please consider supporting my coffee fund! 


$15 - Support the website fund: A one-time donation of $15 will cover about one month of website operation. This is a great way to keep Ice Queen growing!


$50 - Support artist payment: Featured Ice Queen artists currently receive $50 for their contributions, which is all I can afford right now. Once this amount increases (hopefully to $150 by the end of our second year), artists will receive the difference in back payment. But in the meantime, a $50 donation will allow Ice Queen to invite one new artist into her home! Donations at this level will receive some awesome stickers and a hand-written note from Ice Queen! 


$100 - Half a year of Ice Queen: A $100 donation will go a long way–basically covering my website and coffee costs for six months! Donations at this level will receive a free Ice Queen tote bag!


$500 - Sponsor an Ice Queen artist: Wow! This is super generous of you. A $500 donation will sponsor one featured Ice Queen artist, and move Ice Queen that much closer to achieving its vision. In addition to a thank-you gift and Ice Queen tote bag, donors at this level will be invited into Ice Queen’s digital space: a pixel-you will be created so Ice Queen can say thank you in person :)


$Other - Your donations of any level are very appreciated! 


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