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Keagan Wheat



  • La Paloma White Wings tortilla flour

  • Comal (a hot pan works too)

  • Rolling pin

  • Spatula (depending on you)


  1. Combine 2 cups La Paloma White Wings tortilla flour and ½ cup hot water. This is your start ratio.

  2. Continue adding water and/or flour until the masa isn’t sticky and can make a ball.

  3. Make smaller, near palm-sized masa spheres.

  4. Use a rolling pin to roll out each small ball. (Heavy wood rolling pins have worked the best for me.)

  5. Roll each ball until it’s less than a ¼ inch. (The thicker it is, the longer it’ll take to cook; otherwise thickness doesn’t super matter.)

  6. As you’re rolling the tortillas out, put your comal (or pan) on medium/ medium-high heat. I touch the comal to make sure it’s hot enough, but you don’t have to do that.

  7. Put your tortilla flat on the comal.

  8. When it’s ready to flip, there will be some bubbles. Each side will cook a minute or two, depending on thickness and size. I flip with my hand, but spatulas work.

  9. Bubbles will form when it’s ready to flip on the other side as well. After your second flip, just leave the tortilla cooking for 20-40 seconds. There should be brown spots on each side of the tortilla.

  10. Repeat until you’ve finished all the tortillas.

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