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Roseanna Alice Boswell

Year One, First Friday of May


I watch the three-minute video

over & over. Her decisive

tortilla turn, first mid-section bite.

Dribbling ranch & sriracha

her gaze makes me blush fever

warm. Take it. In your hands. Like

this. Start here. This is a vegan

burrito: no meat, no phantom

phallic inflection in the flavor.

Just tender filling, sauce falling

softly on the plate. I can taste

the cilantro & lime. Lizzo chews,

tells me to reapply the hot sauce

after each swallow. Watch me now,

as it breaks in two halves: one

for now, one for later. Another time,

another lunch. Me & Lizzo

looking at each other over mess

of avocados & beans. Lettuce & rice.

Falling a little more in love

with each mouthful. I imagine

how to curl my tongue just right.


Roseanna Alice Boswell is a queer poet from Upstate New York. Her work has appeared in: RHINO, Whiskey Island, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and elsewhere. A Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, Roseanna holds an MFA from Bowling Green State University and is a Ph.D. student in English - Creative Writing at Oklahoma State University.Her chapbook, Imitating Light, was chosen as the 2021 Iron Horse Literary Review Chapbook Competition winner. Roseanna’s first full-length collection, Hiding in a Thimble, was published with Haverthorn Press in 2021. She currently haunts the Midwest with her husband and cat.


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